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What Should You Expect During Your Health Screening?

The Delta Health Rewards Bus is a mobile health screening vehicle offering a convenient way to get your Biometric Screening. Whether a pre-registered participant or a walk-in appointment, either onboard the bus or in a traditional setting, a typical Biometric Screening follows these steps:

  1. Completion of a routine consent form in our waiting area if you did not complete this during your pre-registration process.
  2. When a medical professional is available, you’ll be taken to a private screening area where that professional will administer a virtually pain-free finger stick to get a small blood sample.
  3. The medical professional will measure your height, weight and blood pressure while laboratory equipment measures your Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol and Glucose values.
  4. Results will be recorded and you’ll receive a written report for your records. The medical professional will review those results with you and go over any additional questions you may have.
  5. Your results will be securely transferred to UnitedHealthcare and your Rally scorecard and account will be updated with your results within two weeks of your screening. Please note that your Biometric Screening data will not be provided to Delta or any other third party other than UnitedHealthcare for the purposes of recording your Delta Health Rewards earnings. Your information is HIPAA-protected data, per the law.

Watch the Quick Overview?

This short video walks you through everything you need to know about getting screened on board the Delta Heath Rewards Mobile Screening Program. Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page, call 888-844-8443 to speak with one of our representatives or email us at